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What would you like to see?

October 23, 2009


Now, as I’ve been fairly busy, I’ve been lazy with both my blogs, more lazy with this one, so I’m asking, what would you like to read about regarding girls and ecchi stuff?

I’ll take recommendations, suggestions etc, even watching hentai, playing more eroge, reading ecchi/ero manga. Only thing I will reject outright is Bible Black. Ultimate refusal right there lol. I’m doing pretty much the same thing Snark was doing with shoujo/moe stuff, only I’m doing the opposite, with ero/ecchi stuff.

This weekend is the London Expo, and I’m hoping the american Hentai stall will be there again, like last year, cos they had Clannad and ToHeart2 Another Days!! For extortinate prices ofc, but I’m willing to pay £60 for ToHeart2 Another, even though I can’t play it… one day SOMEONE will make a translation patch… they must……….



August 20, 2009

After going through the big list of eroge on J-List, I have to say, XChange was the most…. intriguing… The whole gender switch thing, guy to girl. Now, though the cover says ‘dating sim’ I played the beginning and it doesn’t feel like a dating sim… not like the Love Hina on on Newgrounds lol.


I went through all the different games, and had to pick some with graphics/artwork that I didn’t dislike, cos stuff like Bible Black is awful… Icky…