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Guy it up! Listings

October 24, 2009

Very pleased with the response of my ‘Guy it up!’ what do you want see post lol, this is so far mind, some more may trickle onto the list at random points.

Erocchi Suggestions (see what I did there? Erocchi? Ero? Ecchi? LOL Oh I’m bad…)

Angel Blade

Negima Read it. Read Love Hina when I was 13, so read this when it came out, I’m guessing I was 14/15 at the time?

Harry Potter Slash Fanfiction (Yuri)

Green Green: I *think* I’ve either seen the ova or the CG’s… I remember the title….

Women at Work
Foxy Nudes
Milk Junkies
Boin Seen it, makes my life easier somewhat I think, though is Resort Boin and Boin the same thing?
Taboo Charming Mother
Sexy Sailor Soldiers
Doctor Shameless
Wife Eater
Angel Blade
Viper GTS
Discipline Pretty sure I’ve seen this….

My Balls Read some if not all, can’t remember if it’d been translated completely when I read it, tis over a year ago now.
Bosshi’s doujin Read enough. Ojousama’s/Lady characters bug me…

Private Nurse
Snow Sakura

Yuria Read alot of it, if not all. Was funny lol.

Lightning Sabre:
X Change Alternative – I *think* I had this dl’d already, which saves dling. I know I have X Change 1+2 at least…
Yume Miru Kusuri – I know I have the CG pack for this cos I love the artwork.
Kanokon Seen it, almost mesmorised by the near-the-knuckle ecchi lol.
Queens Blade – Seen 2 episodes… didn’t even get to hear Mamiko Noto…
Ikki Tousen Seen/Read enough of the exploding sweaters and skirts to know bout this series lol.

I lol’d at some of the titles. Foxy Nudes? I mean really lol. Will get down to work and start googling lol.


Beginners Guide to Ecchi

August 23, 2009

Now I’m guessing alot of anime fans probably don’t even know the phrase or word ecchi. I didn’t until bout 2 years ago lol. Though most of the people who read my other blog almost definately do know what it means lol.

As ecchi goes, this makes the cut, ne?

As ecchi goes, this makes the cut, ne?

Now ecchi is derived from the letter H, and the H is from hentai, in the west, as you probably know, hentai is commonly used to describe anime porn. But in reality it can mean pervert, naughty, lewd, even sex if its a noun, which I didn’t know lol. (Below the cut is an expansive beginners guide of terms and occurances in ecchi anime, so you know what to look for in an anime if you suspect some ecchi shenanigans lol)


Futari Ecchi – NOT the ‘Manga Sutra’…

August 19, 2009

I can’t remember why I’d read some of this, but last year sometime a friends girlfriend read it, the english release titled ‘Manga Sutra’. After that, she wanted to read some more ero manga, nothing too hardcore though, more story with sex not sex with side story lol And though it is a tad educational, it is in no way a ‘Manga Sutra’….