Guy it up! 1 – Angel Blade Act 1

What. The. Fudge. I mean really! Guys like this? They get off on this kind of ero kind of material? Its just…gross… The monsters… the stupidly large oppai…. the lactating…. :shudder:

The titles, seemingly innocent, nothing that gives away its full of monster rape and oversized oppai, right?

The titles, seemingly innocent, nothing that gives away its full of monster rape and oversized oppai, right?

Admittedly, it was probably about a 50/50 nudity split for the episode, there wasn’t as much ero as I was expecting, but they more than made up for it with the kind of ero… And as you would expect, the majority is NSFW, unless you’re really brave haha. No actual nudity though, but I bet you’d still get in trouble :grin:.

WTF. I mean WTF.

WTF. I mean WTF.

Not WTFing at the baby ofc, I put that there, twill be my censoring baby. Like in the Billy Herrington racing vid lol. Only this poor unfortunate baby came from a google image search. Just seared baby and this one was perfect. I eroded the face a bit to make him look even freakier hehe. Now I would wonder what a man would do with 3 dolphins, as people on hair 2 hands, and I’m sure theres no way they could ‘use’ all three at once because they’d be some sort of traffic jam, just not enough room…

What a perfectly placed piece of destroy pantsu.

What a perfectly placed piece of destroyed pantsu.

Means I didn’t have to baby-censor this pic at least haha. What could that red dot be?

Silly string? More believable than condensed milk I spose.

Silly string? More believable than condensed milk I spose.

Now this isn’t your average back ally rape, this is much worse, and its the thing I hate most about hentai, with the limited stuff I’ve seen.

monstersMonster rape! I mean WTF! How do guys get turned on by monster rape! Its gross! And most of the time impossible because of the giant oversized dolphins they wield. (I hope your enjoying censor-baby, as I plan to destroy any enjoyment you may have got from these screengrabs :grin:)

Whats this? She's come to destroy the monster? Using what?

Whats this? She's come to destroy the monster? Using what?

Yes it does all that. Isn’t the human body amazing? I’m fairly sure this anime is meant to be a parody or something, not to be taken seriously, which is all well and good, cos its just so ludicrous.

i thought these were big

I thought these were stupidly big, but they're nothing compared to the pair later on...

Plotting to find out who the ‘Angel Blade’ is, in an all girls school where the hot girls are used as sex slaves. Greeeeeaaaat.

Such cuteness for such filth...Now this shot is after she had a dream, about the ‘Angel Blade’ which she seemed to be enjoying far too much for what the dream was.

Even in ero anime.

Even in ero anime.

Sparkles. Kira kira. Whatever you call em, they’re everywhere.


Some graping. Talk of erect nubbins. Such lovely topics for nubile young girls.

Ahhh this is normal for annoying. The graping of loli’s is nothing I ain’t seen before.

THESE are just idiotic. The woman would have major issues, I mean its not even like they're perky! They're visably saggy!

They’re like…. the same as my grandma’s for crying out loud!! And the same …length….Some more grape. As I'm not really gonna show you the actual rumpy-pumpy. lol. Rumpy.

Yes, they are big, insanely so!!!

way to go

Ah lookie, marshmallow hell.

Yes most of these screenshots come from the SFW parts of the episode, for good reason, I dont wanna be too…bold… not yet, the placement of babies may get braver haha. But right not, frontal only.

my name

I included this literally because my name was being used. My name. WHY! All those Japanese names to pick from, and they use MINE!

I spose its not as bad my name being used for all these creepy little girl characters in TV shows….

what a way to fall

Like, right after this is when it gets really NSFW.

What a way to fall. Poor thing. Being chased by the big raping monsters. Not cool. And not sexy at all. Oh yeah, I meant to say earlier, WHERE ARE THE BRA’S?!? I mean really. Pupils standing to attention everywhere, either they’re wearing really inaffective bra’s, or they’re not wearing them at all. WTF. I’m sorry but WHY, bra’s make eyes/oppai more appealing shapewise! So why draw the eyes under the clothes as if there are no clothes or bra’s……

oi oi

I was actually like 'lolwut?' for these bits. I mean really. WTF.

I saw she had 3 earlier on…. and I wondered where they’d all gone… but I didn’t really mind….

comic relief2

The original grab of this didnt wanna open for some reason, only a mini version would...

And may I assure you, those are babies heads, not pupils. Same for the crotchial region lol. And ¬_¬ at the failed attempt at comic relief after the monstrous monster-gang-bang scene. I mean REALLY. How do you guys sit through this without feeling dirty?


Biggest. Pupils. EVER.

And just gross. She’s like… the dark mother far as I can tell, I wasn’t really paying the greatest amount of attention to it, and why would you? Honestly? Lactating is another thing I dont get, why would this be a turn on, WHY?!? And gigantic boobs, WHY?! How would they do any good? They’re just get in the way. Nice to sleep on I’m sure. Like giant fleshy pillows. LOL

Now, if this was the first ever hentai I’d seen, and the majority of all hentai was like THIS, I would be sickened. Actually properly grossed out, with, maybe even a lesser oppinion of the anime industry, cos I really hate the monster rape stuff. BUT! Because I know its not all like this, and I have seen stuff beforehand, I remain indifferent. I wonder why on earth boys would watch this for jollies, but its not like I have to sit through it. I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen any tasteful hentai actually… I know theres nicely done ero manga… but its not looking good on the anime front at the moment, if anyone can point out some tasteful hentai and prove me wrong, please, by all means, DO SO!! Prove that its not all Angel Blades and Urotsukidoji, which is sadly what gets all the press. The weird stuff.

I hope the babies heads have freaked you all out somewhat. If I look at the face too long I burst into giggles. Its a demon baby…. I almost used the Teletubbie sun-baby, but couldn’t find a good enough picture, would have been a bitch to cut around anyways lol.

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25 Responses to “Guy it up! 1 – Angel Blade Act 1”

  1. Guy it up! 1 – Angel Blade Teaser « Meimi132 no Itonami Says:

    […] at my ‘Girls Guide to Ecchi‘ blog, many more screen grabs and much more WTF lol. So go here, kay? But beware, tis more NSFW than these few screen […]

  2. Snark Says:

    There was a reason I wanted you to watch Angel Blade. This is it >=P

    But yeah, you are now officially my favourite person ever for doing this.

  3. yamada Says:

    When I watch the first episode of Angle Blade, I always keep saying wtf XD really some of it are not my taste either (‘~’) even I’m a guy XD

  4. lightningsabre Says:

    If this is your reaction to Angel Blade, I wonder what your reaction to Magical Girl Ai would be…

  5. kluxorious Says:

    I feel your pain. Monster rape is just a big fucking no-no. I mean literally. I too don’t see the appeal of hentai to men. Do they really get turn on by saggy enormous WTF-sized oppai, montrously huge pen0r that will only bruised their own ego, and stupid story line?

    Men eludes me sometimes.

    And thank you Snark for the introduction ❤

  6. Blowfish Says:

    Looks like some generic Fantasy Hentai and with Fantasy Hentai I mean girls getting raped by tentales and whatnot.

    One interesting Observation I made through the years is that the “authors” of these pieces try to lessen the moral burden on the viewer by making the girls actually come to like it and crave it.
    Oh yeah it totally isnt rape she just needed to be turned into the right direction…Yeah…

    I havent seen/read much stuff but this generic formula is utilized in most cases.Look out for it anf youll notice.In the end Rape is pretty trvialized

    • meimi132 Says:

      I know… and as a woman, I should be shocked/appaulled and whatnot right? But I think over the years of slightly unsuitable tv n stuff, I’ve been desensitized…

      • Blowfish Says:

        Not only women should be shocked by this fact but men aswell.This isnt tolerable from both sides of view.
        The sad thing is that the desensibilisation of people makes them want harder more forbidden stuff and it all ends in some pretty nasty shit.

        Oh and all those tentacles…I think they are actually this frequently used since they dont have to be censored unlike a certain part of men

  7. Guy Says:

    I think the only hentai show I’ve somewhat actually enjoyed was Discipline. Mostly, I prefer my shows static, or in picture form, and not exactly “Explicit” on the danbooru ratings, but “Questionable”.

  8. Matt Says:

    I……….WTF? *runs off* That shit’s scary.

  9. Baka-Raptor Says:

    I applaud you for undertaking this noble mission. To help you along your journey, I will teach you one valuable lesson after every Guy it up! post.

    Lesson #1: Monsters exist because men don’t like looking at naked men. Looking at naked men makes you gay, whereas looking at monsters does not.

    • meimi132 Says:

      So does that work the other way round? Looking at naked woman makes girls lesbians? Cos men doing it with women monsters would be just as scary, if not more so….

      And men should man up and look at the naked men when they had too! If they wanna watch the porn they should sacrifice! Or stick to the lesbian kind of porn. lol

      • Yi Says:

        “So does that work the other way round? Looking at naked woman makes girls lesbians?”

        Exactly, that’s how lesbians are born.

      • meimi132 Says:

        Hmmmm I don’t think so XD
        Would only work if said girls find themselves turned on by the naked women.

    • Guy Says:

      I agree. This is why so much hentai, or still-shots have black face-less men shadows doing the dirty deeds, or sometimes just invisible and ephemeral members.

      • Blowfish Says:

        I always thought that those faceless dudes were supposed to resemble yourself and therefore dont have a blackened face.
        You know if theyd look totally different from you that might crusg your fanatsy of laying a 2D Girl

  10. Ninjovee Says:

    Censor baby is smiling. It makes me think it’s a creepy reverse pedo smile. @_@;

    Monster raep is also scary ><; I also do not understand what is so interesting with that D: Lactating. IDK, they probably thought it looks like the other kind of white stuff on oppai. LOL /fail

    If there's anything good about this is that they accurately drew maido-sans enormous oppai, including the sagging.

  11. Persocom Says:

    I think I’d lose my will to eat for the rest of the day if I watched this all the way through, thanks for helping me avoid it XD I don’t really watch a whole lot of this kind of thing, I’ve seen a few disgusting hentai and that’s enough for me. I play eroge, and watch ecchi anime but that’s about as far as it goes. Monster tentacles, lactation, etc are just plain disgusting. I don’t mind mythological creatures, example: Holo, vampires, etc, but when they become disgusting beasts rather than beautiful freaks of nature, that’s when I can’t take it XD I’m so glad I have a wife though, if I had to resort to things like this for porn I think I’d become disinterested in sex.

  12. Ac/Cl Says:

    How about posting the raw baby image? That would be USEFUL.


  13. Yi Says:

    If you feel uncomfortable about that character having your name, you should watch the second act. You’ll feel sorry for her.

    • meimi132 Says:

      Haha, naw, I don’t feel uncomfortable bout it really, just a name after all. I was just making a fuss for funsies 🙂
      But I am intrigued/worried about what will happen to this girl now XD.

  14. Protoman22 Says:

    now i’m not a perverted guy, but to be truthful i have seen this, but only cause one of my friends kept hastling me to do it, so i watch it and it was….i’d say the stupidest thing i have ever seen it’s rediculus, the plot basicly just the villains raping every young girl that exists, then there’s that shemale that freaks me out, but i’d say the stupidest part was the torture….it was just raping….killing someone by raping them……that would be like if i wanted to demolish a building i’d spend a couple of days scraping on it little by little with a spoon, i didn’t wanna see it in the first place, i just wanted to shut my friend up, he’s been hastling me for……….i think about 2 and a half weeks anyway yea, stupid show really

  15. some dude Says:

    just because it exists doesn’t mean “guys get off to it”. I’m sure someone out there like monster rape, but i can assure you that the vast majority of men don’t. Likewise goes for grossly disproportionate bodily organs if you catch my drift. Don’t lump all the weirdos who like monster rape or Cleveland steamers or what have you, with the normal hentai watchers like me. Personally i prefer it happy and consentual.

  16. Fake-name Says:

    Some thing you should have probably figured out about guys by now ladies. Were not realy sane when our soldiers are locked and loaded. I mean a jewish guy with blue b@//$ wouldn’t hesitate to fu€|< a nazzi girl. pardon my french. That being said it takes a sick man to enjoy this friggin show. Rape, torture, transvestites (dont care if i spelled thay right) all turnoffs for me. i liked ero manga LFIL. its got echi written all over it. but hey! no monster rape and its funny.

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