Irrashaimasen! + Chobits

First off, welcome! To ‘A Girls Guide to Ecchi’, though its not just ecchi, its moe and all other sorts of things that arn’t really aimed at girls, but we seem to like anyways,(well, some of us lol.) I almost used a different username for this, xxxhime, as its fun, and suitable for this blog I think, but I thought, to hell with it, more for Meimi132 I say!! Will be posting reviews of games n stuff too, playing XChange and XChange 2 atm, also wanting to dl a few more, but due to the limiting net connection, I’m holding off for the mo. Still got Clannad and Kanon to play anyways, Air has no translation yet though. AND I need to finish Hourglass of Summer so I can finally watch the anime lol… too much to do…
Ecchi, no?

Ecchi, no?

I thought, to kick off, I’d go with a manga I read when I was 13. I knew it was fairly unsuitable for me at the time, likewise for Love Hina. But I read it anyways, cos it was by Clamp. Back then I didn’t know the words for the different types of anime and manga, like ecchi, yuri, yaoi etc, so I didn’t know Chobits was ecchi, but a wonderful series none the less. Very tastefully done I thought at the time, and still do I think, haven’t read it in a while.

I think, and still believe, that Chii is the essence of Moe. One of the earlier examples of the thing thats so popular now. I do hope that most folks have read Chobits, or at least seen the anime, but some won’t have sadly, but its a classic, so you should! If your one of the folks who haven’t read or seen it, read it now, go out and buy it, or read it online if you have too. Same for the anime.


I love CLAMP to bits, and their other manga too, they make the barriers between audiences blur, as Chobits and Angelic Layer were both originally aimed at guys, shounen titles, but they appealed to both audiences, Angelic Layer, obviously doesn’t fall under the same genre as Chobits though lol.

When I first started reading Chobits I didn’t know if I should feel weird reading a comic with nudity in it, but it quickly became unimportant. I spose thats how it is now with the ecchi anime, manga or games I watch, read or play.

As for moe, in the Haruhi dub it was translated as ‘turn on’, but its nothing of the sort for me. For guys it may well be, but thats not why I like moe.



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